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HUNGER: Dispatches from the Edge of the Anthropocene

Our second magazine anthology explores hunger in all its manifestations, from sexual hunger, to the megacities devouring the natural world. Featuring writings by Jamie Stantonian, Chris Godber, Jessica Ballantyne, Ashley Chapman, Mark Rathmell, Rebecca Smith and Noel Grassy Macken. It was launched at Waterstone's Gower Street in March 2017.  56 pages. 

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HYpermedia and mind 

A collection of 12 short essays by Jamie Stantonian on media, technology and human evolution.  92 pages. 

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Understanding is not a point of view 

Our first magazine anthology of art, stories and essays, featuring writings by Chris Godber, Jamie Stantonian, Robin Tomens, Mark Rathmell, Alicia Roy and Noel Grassy Macken. 40 pages. 

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Three Tunnel members take the first tentative steps towards a full artistic manifesto.  With contributions from Jamie Stantonian, Chris Godber and Mathew Tudor. This was debated at our Waste Lands show at the Asylum Chapel.